Evolution of brands.



2 Responses to Evolution of brands.

  1. daveid says:

    It’s funny how the early marks are generally more interesting and seem to possess a bit of character. As the company grows and becomes detached from its origins, BLAM, here comes the design by committee. Though in some cases there is definite improvement over time.

  2. Dani says:

    This kind of stuff is great, I love looking at the progression.

    Of course, as a Canon fangirl, it’s interesting how little the logo has changed since they anglicized the name. Sure, the face has gotten heavier, but it’s still incredibly similar to the 1935 version.

    I really like the sequence of the Ford logo, too. Each time they’ve managed to update it while keeping it timeless.

    And Madza…wtf guys. :P I don’t even get the second and third to last ones…who’s stupid idea was that thing?

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