Eddie Izzard and… Dennis Kucinich?

Every time I took a poll about the candidates for president, Kucinich was the one that was matched up with my views on the issues. So whatever you think of him, evidently he agrees with me. Amazingly, Eddie Izzard is a fan, as mentioned in this article. Pretty cool stuff.

And then I saw them again in Cleveland, and I realized that he was this feisty fighter. And he’s had a little tough time of it, and I kind of like that. It’s actually classic and the American dream, someone who had to really fight his way up. And then even political experience, he’s had to fight all his way, and he passionately hopes to read the documents that come out through the government as opposed to just getting them. So I thought ‘Well, I’ll give him a hand. Because my journey is, and t I consider the American way is you fight for justice for the common folk, rather than for just the fat cats. And I see a similarity there.


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