Video game irritations.

videogamechange_saveanywhere_galA list from of the 10 biggest video game irritations.

I have to agree that Ivy’s breasts are so outrageous in the new SoulCalibur that I had to get her another outfit. That was ridiculous.

I don’t agree with “downloads that cost money,” since I like to get extra doodads at cut-rate prices.


2 Responses to Video game irritations.

  1. Jason says:

    The problems with downloads that cost money is that, back in the day, the developers had to put everything they were going to put into a game, well, into the game.

    Now, we can’t get that last doodad in before deadline? No problem. We’ll just push it back, work on it later ,and charge the poor suckers for something they should be getting for free.

  2. Kindralas says:

    In that sense, yes, paying for downloadable content is a pain. If they’re going to do that, it should just simply be a free content patch, a la Sunwell Plateau for WoW. But when it comes to continuously updated content, particularly content which is, for most purposes, “new,” then what’s the problem with paying for it? New songs for Rock Band cost money, but then, that’s basically completely new content that is continuously being added to the game.

    Buying a new costume for your characters is a pain, but then, if you don’t care enough to buy said costume, then you shouldn’t care that there’s a new costume anyway. For the most part, most download fees are just the amount it takes to host them, so what’s the harm?

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