Are you a film addict?

Here’s a list of 250 movies. I have seen 55.2% of them. How many have you seen?


7 Responses to Are you a film addict?

  1. Jason says:


    Not too surprising, I’m not a big movie geek.

  2. Melissa Mendoza says:


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  3. George Haberberger says:

    48% for me. And what’s with Melissa Mendoza?

  4. TMac says:

    43.2%. The bottom 1/3 of the list got me. I liked how it explained to me what the list was but its not hard to figure out. There aren’t too many on the list I haven’t watched that I have desire to see but a few. I doubt I’ll ever get much over 60%.

  5. Kindralas says:

    28% here, but like Jason, I’m not a movie buff.

  6. Major Rakal says:

    Only 15.2% for me. About as non-movie-geeky as you can get.

  7. Bpaul says:

    Wow, 71.2% I never thought of myself as a film buff.

    I certainly don’t watch horror or many old movies…

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