13950spike08mdKeanu Reeves as Spike Spiegel? From Cowboy Bebop? My favorite television show (and it’s a movie too)?

Yeah. I say yeah. I like Keanu. I think it was a mistake to put him into romantic comedies, but for a laconic action hero, he’s got the chops. So now the question becomes: Who are cast as the other three?

Jet: Sam Jackson comes to mind for me. Can’t think of anyone better.

Faye: Charlize Theron. However, I admit that any kind of casting exercise like this will probably result in me suggesting her for something. She should be in every movie.

Edward: Wow, I dunno about this one. Probably an unknown 15-year-old girl that has some of the qualities of Nat in The Professional.


2 Responses to Whoa.

  1. Shocho says:

    I asked LWC and she said Uma Thurman for Faye and Michael Chiklis for Jet. Pretty good stuff there.

  2. Jason says:

    The thing about Faye is that she’s got that kind of clumsy dorkishness about her that I don’t know that casting a “femme fatale”-type actress is necessarily the best idea. More Cameron Diaz than Uma Thurman, probably.

    And Michael Clarke Duncan for Jet?

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