A path through the forest.

x-ray_shoesI’ve said before that the biggest problem with the TSA is that it can’t backtrack. Any politician who says, “Taking your shoes off is stupid” will be seen as “soft on terrorism.” The TSA therefore adds new ridiculous things to inconvenience passengers and justify its existence and they’ll never quit doing those things.

But I found out there is one way they can get rid of this stuff. I heard that they might be implementing some detector that means we won’t have to put liquids in stupid little baggies. That’s the way to fix it! The TSA gets “new technology” that can now “detect shoe bombs” and we don’t have to take our shoes off any more!

It’s a lie to fix a lie, isn’t that how it works?


3 Responses to A path through the forest.

  1. Jason says:

    It’ll be fine until someone figures out how to get a plastic comb or bottle cap or some other “terrorist device” beyond the detector. Then we’ll be back to square one.

  2. Shocho says:

    No, no… THERE IS NO NEW DETECTOR. They just decide that checking for shoe bombs is stoopid, and they say, “we have a new shoe bomb detector.” So that’ll never happen.

  3. Mkae says:

    I saw an interview with the TSA head honcho over Christmas and heard no mention of this. Incidentally, also interviewed was Bruce Schneier who coined the phrase “security theater”. His response to the TSA initiatives is that all terrorism should be stopped prior to the airport and that we shouldn’t be bothered with security measures. WTF? That’s like saying we shouldn’t put locks on the bank vault and catch the criminals at home.

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