My winter vacation.

We didn’t leave town (does Littleton count?) so I guess it was a “staycation,” although that word is incorrect on several counts.

You could say I had a busman’s holiday, since I spent about fifty hours playing an online game.  That would be World of Warcraft. Level 80 on Christmas Eve, epic flying mount on New Year’s Day. Earned The Explorer achievement, along with Master of Arms and an assortment of Winter’s Veil trophies (but not a Merrymaker).

Read The Bro Code (found an honored place in my bathroom). Found out that I am a violator of the article about sports apparel (a Bro never wears more than one item supporting a single sports team) and that I had written an article of Broness into an upcoming scenario for one of our games (when a Bro gets depressed, you don’t talk to him about it, you just hand him a drink).

Watched Mirrormask (thanks, Kathy — wow, what a trip that was, but the story was good Gaiman), Sabrina (the original, excellent), Burn After Reading (even better a second time) Animal House (glorious on the Encore network, uncut and unedited), 24 Redemption (a so-so Jack Bauer movie and a lousy 24 movie) and The Dark Knight (third time for me, still wonderful, looked and sounded awesome in Blu-Ray).

Most importantly, I spent a lot of wonderful time with my Lovely Wife Cheryl, and that’s better than a cruise or trip by far. We enjoyed lobster (at home!) on Christmas Eve, and shrimp on Christmas Day (I worked on the trifecta of crab legs on New Year’s, but it didn’t quite happen).

I had some very happy holidays, and I hope you did too!


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