Hairy eared dwarf lemur.

21vep5k95xl_sl500_aa150_Xeko is a game about endangered species. When we started playtesting it, the best card in the game was the Hairy Eared Dwarf Lemur. It scored more points than any other card. The only problem was, it was purple. That is to say, the colored bars on all four sides of the card were the hardest color to play. Great card, but how do you play it? Seemed impossible. We figured that out eventually, and good ol’ Hairy was still a cool rare card. Now, they’ve made a plush toy and we have one! LWC loves it, he’s so cute. Just about actual size too.


2 Responses to Hairy eared dwarf lemur.

  1. Steve Turner says:

    That’s the most valuable card in the Xeko Game! There is only one place on the web that i know has that card but I just can’t see paying $50 for it. Any chance you want to sell it?

  2. Shocho says:

    I don’t have the card. I have the plush toy!

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