Brigade of three people.

I received this comment on one of my blog posts:

Бригада из трёх человек предлагает Вам услуги по проектированию, установке и обслуживанию систем видеонаблюдения, систем контроля доступа,локальныз сетей любой сложности в офисах, складах, заводах, АЗС, авто-мойках, дачах под ключ.Ставим видеосистемы как на основе цифровых регистраторов,
так и на основе ПК с использованием програмного обеспечения DIT от Argus,VideoNet и.т.д. г. Санкт-Петербург и область. тел: 8 (951) 673-60-01 Артём.
e-mail: fantom-spb(сабака)

видеонаблюдение платы видеозахвата

Which goes through Babelfish and comes out like this:

Brigade of three people proposes to you services on the design, the installation and servicing of the systems of video surveillance, control systems of access, of [lokalnyz] of the networks of any complexity in the offices, the storages, the plants, AZS, auto-washings, dachas under the [klyuch].[Stavim] of video system as on the basis of digital registrars, so on basis PK with the use of software OF DIT from Argus, VideoNet of [i].[t].[d]. Saint Petersburg and region. the bodies: 8 (951) 673-60-01 Artem. e-mail: fantom-spb ([sabaka]) of the video surveillance of the pay of [videozakhvata

5 Responses to Brigade of three people.

  1. Kindralas says:

    You gotta love any language that you can translate “phone number” to “the bodies.”

  2. Kathy says:

    Did you take them up on it? A whole brigade!

  3. Bobbofeet says:

    Тела – is Russian for bodies. Babblefish just didn’t recognize it as an abbreviation.

    Love the blog schocho – been following it for several years.

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