Oh, what the hell.

It seems there are some things that somebody knows about me that you may not.

  • I can’t whistle.
  • I can’t swim.
  • I can’t dance.
  • I scored 800/800 (that’s the max) on the SAT.
  • I was on Romper Room.
  • I have an associate degree in commercial art and advertising design.
  • The first wargame I bought was Panzerblitz… and I returned it to the store because it was too hard.
  • I could read at age 2.
  • I have only one sibling, an older sister.
  • I have lived in St. Louis for 32 years.
  • More than once, I have had an aquarium.
  • I took piano lessons for two years, and taught myself the guitar.
  • I was a journeyman union typographer for 13 years.

2 Responses to Oh, what the hell.

  1. erika says:

    I love that the game was too hard!! Did you ever try it again or was this a permanent decision?

  2. Shocho says:

    We did later conquer Panzerblitz, yes. Anyone who has played it will tell you it ain’t that difficult, but it’s a lot more complicated than Careers.

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