Ruse of the Lycans.

underworld3_02I thought it would be a vampire movie, but it was a werewolf movie. I thought it wouldn’t be boring, and boy was I wrong on that count. Bill Nighy was excellent, spitting out lines like, “THANK you for STAting the OBvious!” He’s always good. Michael Sheen was properly intense as Lucian again. and Rhona Mitra did just fine.

The director was absolutely awful. It was a prequel, which meant I knew how it was going to end for everybody. It was all too dark and blue just like the other two.

This flick is gettiing 49 on Metacritic and I have no idea how that’s happening. Any Resident Evil movie was better, and two of those are in the thirties. I’m gonna think twice (thrice?) about the next one. I bet there is no next one.


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