Imperfect song: It’s Oh So Quiet.

nyet18303131341widecWhilst doing research on some of my favorite songs, I was reading about the Bjork song “It’s Oh So Quiet.” I’ve loved this song since I first heard it. I have listened to other songs by Bjork (I even watched the movie Dancer in the Dark until I couldn’t stand it any more) and never found another that I liked. Now I know why.

“It’s Oh So Quiet” is a cover of a song by Betty Hutton called “Blow a Fuse.” Betty was an actress and singer from the forties, and kind of zany and crazy like Bjork. Except that Betty did it first. And let me also say that while I collect covers and I respect the artists that make them, I detest the ones that are complete ripoffs of the original song (sheriff-shooting Clapton, I’m looking at you). That’s what Bjork did.

The video for Bjork’s version is by Spike Jonez and pretty damned awesome, but I no longer think of this song as a Bjork song. Now it’s a Betty Hutton song.


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