Department store sells man-bashing.

Yes, I agree, our new Super Target is a monument to American consumerism. It’s huge and well-lit and full of things I want. The brand new signage over the departments, sadly, could not afford to add apostrophes. I also noted that the area devoted to the older masculine gender had a sign that said “Mens” while the feminine counterpart had not only “Womens,” but also “Maternity,” “Sportswear,” “Activewear,” and “Intimate Apparel.” Of course, the Womens was five times the size of the Mens, so I suppose there is danger of someone losing their way.


4 Responses to Department store sells man-bashing.

  1. George Haberberger says:

    Well to be fair, Maternity and Intimate Apparel departments for men would be a niche market at best.

    And as for Sportswear and Activewear, everyone knows men just lie around on the couch and watch football while drinking beer so those departments would be pointless.

  2. Kathy says:

    Yeah, I agree with George. As soon as one of you figures out how to carry the baby, you can have your own maternity department.

    And you guys only need underwear bottoms. (Well, not NEED but a lot of you wear them from what I understand.) We wear all sorts of stupid crap (well, I eschew a lot of it, like slips and that BS) under our clothes and sorting it all out in the store takes more space than it probably should.

    Oh, and men are apparently always “active”, whereas we poor females are only active on appropriate occasions so as not to be too intimidatingly masculine, so we have to label those clothes so that we don’t forget our place.

    (I see I’m starting to spin up here, and even with a humorous bent I’m sounding like a shrew, so I’m going to stop there and assume we’ll all take the rest as read.)

  3. Kindralas says:

    And in all fairness, when was the last time you browsed when clothes shopping? For most men, it’s like “if it’s not pink, it’ll work.”

  4. Shocho says:

    I CAN’T browse because I don’t have the choices that women do. Let’s put this on an equal footing. Count the socks at your local Target. Women have FAR more choices. They are catered to and courted while men are ignored. Walk in the front door of any department store and try to find the mens department. You can’t see it from there, but you can see a dozen departments catering to women.

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