Perfect song: Like a Hurricane.

There are some songs that I never get tired of, even after dozens or hundreds of times listening to them. I marvel at their completeness, their execution of craft, their tone and style. One of these songs is “Like a Hurricane,” by Neil Young.

They call him the Godfather of Grunge, and you can really hear that on the live albums he does with Crazy Horse. They’re loud, raw, and relentless, a garage band turned up to 11. Reportedly this song was written after a cocaine-fueled binge, and I believe it. The live version sounds like an actual hurricane, as Neil attacks his huge Gretch White Falcon to make it give up tons of sustain and feedback.

You are like a hurricane
Theres calm in your eye.
And Im gettin blown away
To somewhere safer where the feeling stays.
I want to love you but Im getting blown away.

Are there songs that you think are “perfect songs”? I don’t have many, but I’ll be talking about another one next week.


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