Questions that need answering.

imagesI’m going to provide some questions and then answer them. You can disagree with me, but it’s my blog so my opinions go into the posts and yours go into the comments, which makes you look bad. You should get your own blog.

Backstory sucks, right? Yes, it does. (See Episodes Aye to Aye Aye Aye of Star Wars.)

Should Lost be trying to plug plot holes that only the 42 people who read everything on the internet care about? No, they shouldn’t. Nobody gives a crap who the guy was that scared Charlotte when she was a kid. Especially if it involves time travel, which I hate with a passion.

Should Jane Espenson be wasted for a stupid Galactica episode about backstory? No, she shouldn’t. Jane is a national treasure and should be only used for episodes about people and relations and funny things. I’m sorry for your injury, Sam, but nobody gives a crap what the Cylons did three thousand years ago.

Why are you watching Heroes when it sucks so hard? I have no answer to this one. I’m trying to quit. I keep asking LWC after every episode why we’re still watching. I suppose I want it to return to its former glory, except that I’m having trouble remembering how that was.

Why do they put genre shows on networks? This is a rhetorical question for which I have no answer. Dollhouse premiered with “only” 4.7 million viewers. That many viewers would make Ronald D. Moore pee his pants. For joy, I mean. Why don’t they put shows like Daisies, Terminator, and Dollhouse on USA or FX? Oh hell, that’s another question.

Why don’t they put shows like Daisies, Terminator, and Dollhouse on USA or FX? I don’t know why they don’t. Is it possible that the same show on a cable network automatically gets one-half the viewers? Are there that many homes that don’t have cable? Isn’t this the twenty-first century? (That would be Ex Ex Aye for George Lucas and Roger Goodell and other fans of the Roman Empire and their advanced mathematics.)

Why didn’t I make this a bunch of different blog posts and fill up the rest of this week? Jesus H. Christ, I wish I had thought of this question first! Gods dammit.

4 Responses to Questions that need answering.

  1. erika says:

    I don’t really miss Pushing Daisies because every single episode had the same story arc and I was tired of waiting for Chuck & the Pie Maker to accidentally touch and/or make out.

    So, are you saying that Heroes season 3 is not worth watching on DVD and/or On Demand?

  2. TMac says:

    Erika – The current arc of Heroes (not the first 12 or 13 episodes) is actually pretty good. It isn’t first season good but it sure is better then second season and the first half of season 3.

    I know some incredibly high percentage of people don’t have cable/satellite. I want to say like 15 to 20% which to me just seems really high but to each their own. That begs the question to potential advertisers for a genre show. Do you really care about that 20% more viewers if they don’t spend the discretionary income for buy cable? If they aren’t buying cable I doubt they rush out to pay $12 a head to see Watchmen the week it releases.

    We’re in the same boat with time travel, I can’t stand it. Of course we both seem to like Terminator and the entire Terminator universe is built on time travel.

  3. Shocho says:

    I’m saying that I can’t remember why you’d want to watch Heroes season 2.

    Yes, I admit, I do like the Terminator stories. That’s the exception that proves the rule. Which is a saying I hate.

  4. TMac says:

    Yeah I got nothing on why someone would want to watch Heroes season 2, sorry I missed that you specified a season. It wasn’t good at all.

    I’m with on the Terminator thing. I really dislike time travel with a passion and yet love Terminator stuff. I even enjoyed Terminator 3 assuming I don’t compare it to 1 or 2.

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