Beatles songs ranked.

four_2_iconI can’t explain what the Beatles were like if you weren’t there to experience it. I was ten in 1964 and I had a Beatles poster on my wall, my first transistor radio which was taken away from me in grade school for listening to Beatles songs, and I remember Beatles on Ed Sullivan. I remember finding out that the White Album had 31 songs and I was determined to hear more than half of them on the radio (I made a list) before I bought it (my God, it was like $9.99 or some such exorbitant price). The Beatles grew up with us, they matured and explored new things while we did. They’re more than just a band.

Having said that, Playing the Beatles Backwards is a wonderful retrospective with cool facts about every song on the list. All 185 of them. You can argue with the rankings (actually, I think they’re pretty good), but the fun facts are fun.


One Response to Beatles songs ranked.

  1. Jason says:

    That said, I suppose there might come a day when I win the lottery, or the Vikings win the Super Bowl, or that annoying co-worker falls down the steps, when I’ll step out into the radiant afternoon and belt out “Good Day Sunshine” at the top of my lungs.

    That’s it…if the Vikings win the Super Bowl, I’ll sing Good Day Sunshine.

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