Fifty worst movies.

skidooSay it with me: “OF ALL TIME.” While there are some major clunkers on this list (Exit to Eden, Cocktail, Hook, Moulin Rouge), they don’t have the worst, which is Skidoo. Reportedly (where do I get these facts?) a list of taboo words from the 18th century left off the word “fart” because it was TOO TABOO. I think that Skidoo is similarly excluded, so bad it can’t be on the worst list.

I will say once again that I like Howard the Duck. Oh yes, and the best thing OF ALL TIME about this list is that it’s all on one page and not FIFTY GODDAMNED CLICKS.


2 Responses to Fifty worst movies.

  1. Brad says:

    I like Moulin Rouge

  2. Kathy says:

    I can only imagine that they realized they forgot to split the list up over multiple pages for ad revenue (that they won’t get from me, thanks AdBlock Plus!) and removed the article entirely, because now I’m getting Maxim’s wacky page not found crap when I click the link. (Though it appeared to work for Brad an hour ago.)

    I then tried to read another article that came up in my search results when I tried to find the article you linked to. It sounded interesting, about shows that had really horrible endings. I read the first page, clicked to the second page, then was informed by Firefox that the link was an infinite redirect loop and I’d never see the second page.

    I lose at the internet today. I give up. I’m going to go find a tablet and some chalk.

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