For the crafters of war.

To all you World of Warcraft players out there, here are two new stats for you to ponder:

What’s the total number of levels you have on all your characters? I have 15 characters on 3 different servers. (Why different servers? Well, some were for a Horde group we were playing with friends in St. Louis, so we wanted a different time zone. A couple are on a PvP server, although I admit we didn’t take them far enough to matter.) The total number of levels on all 15 characters is 540.

What’s the average number of levels on your characters? As you can tell from above, my average would be 36. That includes one 80, one 72, one 70, one 7 and one 1. I like to level characters. Do you?


2 Responses to For the crafters of war.

  1. Kindralas says:

    My total is 822, with one 80 and one 73. My average is 22.2. I have several 1’s.

  2. Jason says:

    My LOTRO total is a mere 283, over three servers, with an average of 40.4.

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