Seeing double.

South down Sheridan from where we live, at Dartmouth just before you get to 285, there is an intersection that has two Conoco stations.

They’re both fairly new. They both have convenience stores. They both have car washes. They’re right across the street from each other.

How can this happen? Who thought this was a good idea? Why would the company do that?

I have a theory that it only looks like there are two identical stations. When you enter the lot for one, the other disappears. When you leave, then you see two again.

I haven’t tested this theory, because I’m afraid it’s correct.


2 Responses to Seeing double.

  1. Doug W says:

    Is there access in multiple directions for both stations?

    If this is a MAJOR intersection that gets alot of traffic in both direction (or all 4) but it is not easy to get to one side or the other from some directions, this makes sense.

    If you would lose the sale because of the difficulty of getting to the station, and the volume supports multiple stations, why not.

    If there was a Valero on one corner and a Conoco on the other, you would not question it. Odds are that the price would be similar or the same regardless.

    And since most shop by price not brand or loyalty to a local business person, Conoco is maximizing its ability to get revenue there.

  2. TMac says:

    When I worked for Taco Bell I heard a similar issue with Taco Bells. The busiest Taco Bell is (maybe was) the one of International Blvd. in Orlando. Its near Universal, a few malls, Wet & Wild, and the interstate on the way to Disney. The place was so busy the building/parking lot couldn’t handle it. They wanted to expand it but it really didn’t work. The solution to ease the stress was to build another Taco Bell across the street.

    Well it didn’t work. The Taco Bell didnt’ get any slower and the new one was about 75% as busy.

    Not quite your situation but it was a fun story at the time :)

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