Fifty reasons why ROTJ sucks.

Sure, it’s an article from 2001, but there are lots of gems here. What is it about 3rd installments of movie trilogies going off the rails? Fett fans, check out #20.

20. [ Boba Fett’s Death ]
It’s inexcusable that such an imposing figure as Boba Fett-the one bounty hunter good enough to capture Solo-flies clumsily to his death in the Sarlaac pit while screaming like Shemp from the Three Stooges. Any Star Wars geek worth his weight in trading cards will tell you that Boba Fett is the Trilogy’s most underused character. His brief but badass appearance in Empire had us all anxiously awaiting the next film, assuming his role would be greatly expanded by the events surrounding what we then thought would be an incredible escape by Han.


2 Responses to Fifty reasons why ROTJ sucks.

  1. Bpaul says:

    Awesome writing there.

    And I agree.

    What is it with that franchise that disallows badass villains to stay so?

  2. ratherchildish says:

    Good enough to capture Solo? For real? Solo was gift wrapped in carbonite by Vader and handed over to Boba Fett like a you would hand a very fat dog a snausage. Yes he had a badass costume, and yes his ship was pretty cool. But he has maybe 2 lines of dialogue (and precious few actions) in the whole trilogy, leaving us with really nothing to grab on to in terms of understanding him. Compared to Vader or the Emperor, Boba Fett as a villain was a total non-starter, D.O.A, thudding dud. And to this day I’m scratching my head as to why his popularity endures. Oh yeah. Costume. Ship.

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