Fixing MMOs.

Part of a thread about MMOs, moving through a list of what’s wrong to suggestions to fix these problems to here, which refutes some of the ideas and points out that sometimes Fixing Things Is Hard. Example:

5) Make mobs smarter

It would be ridiculously easy to make mobs smarter. “Hey, I need to always kill the guy healing people. No, really. Screw you, taunt skill. I’M KILLING THIS GUY. Oh, I’m getting some friends to help. In fact we’re going to loop around from behind to take them by surprise. AND WE’RE NOT STOPPING TILL WE WIN.” It would be the equivalent of That Dungeon Master Guy you all hate who takes great, sadistic, and Aspergian glee in making sure “his” players always die horribly.


One Response to Fixing MMOs.

  1. Kindralas says:

    Well, frankly, that’s not fun. Try playing a pure tank concept in 2nd Edition D&D, where there’s literally no mechanic that ever makes something hit you, and because you have uber everything defensively, no intelligent opponent will try to open your can while there’s a big pile of spam sitting nearby.

    I agree with the “fixing things is hard” concept. Blizzard has less than thrilled me lately as they’ve basically turned the game into 10 class clones. Everyone spams something, the icon and name are different, but the result is the same. Rather than putting forth the effort to fix things in an interesting way, they decided to just make everyone equal in every regard. Blah.

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