Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.

evencowgirlsgetthebluesLet’s list some facts about this movie.

  • Uma Thurman plays the lead character “Sissy” who has overly large thumbs that make her an exceptional hitchhiker.
  • Pat Morita plays a guru-like hermit named “The Chink.”
  • Rain Phoenix plays “Bonanza Jellybean.”
  • “Bonanza Jellybean” is played by Rain Phoenix.
  • Either way I say that, it sounds wrong.
  • John Hurt plays “The Countess.” Quote: “All of us are freaks in one way or another. Try being born a male Russian Countess into a white, middle class, Baptist family in Mississippi, and you’ll see what I mean.”
  • A whip-cracking cowgirl feeds peyote to whooping cranes.
  • Angie Dickinson, Keanu Reeves, Carol Kane, Sean Young, Crispin Glover and Udo Kier are in the movie.

Honestly, it was the thing about the overly large thumbs and hitchhiking in the “Info” bit on Comcast that got me to watch. You should see this movie. It’s not like other movies. There’s a wonderful soundtrack with songs by k. d. lang. I laughed a lot.


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