The Oscar for titles goes to…

This needs to happen! I love credits and titles in movies. I try to stay and watch all of them for every movie I see in the theater. Watchmen, to use a recent example, had lots of info important to the story in its credits sequence.

There’s an Oscar for pretty much every aspect of filmmaking, except one: the title sequences. Titles, though, have always played a significant part in motion pictures. They may have started out as simple black-and-white cards. But in the days before sound, they already did more than identify key players: they communicated dialogue and advanced plot. And as filmmaking evolved, so did title design. Titles have become wonderful bridges from reality into the cinematic world and back out again. At their very best, they are themselves innovative, emotional experiences, microcosms of their movies.


One Response to The Oscar for titles goes to…

  1. Bpaul says:

    Holy crap you are such a geek, I love it.

    You go, sir, you go.

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