It’s not just a phone, you know.

he_5_ourmanflint1Sometimes I don’t even know what to call it: my iPod, my phone, whatever. Here’s a list of what it does for me, much like Derek Flint’s lighter: “This has 82 different functions — 83 if you want to light a cigar”

  1. Calendar
  2. Text messages
  3. Photos
  4. Camera
  5. Maps and directions
  6. Weather
  7. Alarm clock
  8. Calculator
  9. Notepad
  10. Twitter
  11. LinkedIn
  12. Facebook
  13. RSS feed reader
  14. Email
  15. Web browser
  16. iPod music and video player
  17. Flashlight
  18. Remote for my computer
  19. Movie times and locations
  20. Cylon detector
  21. Sports scores and news
  22. Game machine (Blackjack, Tetris, and more)
  23. Stock tracker
  24. Contact information
  25. Level (half a bubble off plumb, like that)
  26. Car radio
  27. Stopwatch
  28. Magic 8-Ball
  29. Google Earth
  30. Telephone

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