Ten eighty pee.

Television manufacturers have done a wonderful job enticing me to upgrade. We have recently purchased a 1080p HDTV for the media room in the basement. When the 720p in the living room went south, we replaced it with a 1080p. Our cable TV company recently informed me that their signal is only 720p.


I checked with other providers (the ones you need a broom with a long handle to clean the snow off the dish), and Direct TV “will soon” offer “select” programming in 1080p, and Dish TV has only a few PPV that are 1080p.

I am frakkin wastin 360p here.

At least I have my PS3, the only 1080p content I can reliably get my hands on. One game, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, is 1080p. And of course, there is Blu-Ray, for which I have three movies. Otherwise, I’m just taking 360p and throwing it out with the trash we now recycle.



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