American Idol ran over EIGHT MINUTES last night, so my DVR of Fringe ran short! Now I don’t know if Olivia and Pacey and Denethor caught that guy or not! I HATE YOU AMERICAN IDOL!


6 Responses to AAAAAGGHH!

  1. George Haberberger says:

    I hate American Idol too but this is only the latest reason to despise that over-hyped glorification of mediocrity. Amateurs singing pop songs. Really, this is what makes someone an idol? The Beatles were idols. They not only dominated the field they worked in, but they influenced fashion, politics and culture. Will anyone coming out of this pimple on the butt of television ever hope to achieve anything that can be compared to real idols? The only one I’ve even heard of is Carrie Underwood and she’s a country singer so that doesn’t even count.

  2. Doug W says:

    Yea! Why can’t American Idol, NCAA basketball, Golf, the NFL, etc call all of our DVRs and tell them they ran over? Is it that hard? I need answers, people.

  3. Shocho says:

    Thanks, K. We both went to and saw the end of the episode. There was a surprise there too!

    But I still hate American Idol. /agree, George.

  4. TMac says:

    Hulu is your friend.

  5. Shocho says:

    Hulu indeed. And I love their commercials!

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