Why 3-D is a fad.

3daudienceWe’re talking about movies here, not real life. I think 3-D is a keeper when it comes to real life.

I don’t like 3-D. If someone had ever asked me, “Do you want to see a movie where things rush towards and away from your head?” my answer would have always been, “No!”

I am annoyed and distracted by the “3-D moments” in such movies. It’s like the movie stops and some other production starts, like a carnival show. Or a George Lucas movie, when you can tell that this scene is totally green screened. Very distracting.

We saw Coraline in glorious 2-D, and were informed by an exceedingly bored theater employee, “This showing is not in 3-D,” and I said, “Yes, that’s why we came here.” I suffered through the 3-D moments in that film, which were not too obtrusive but still there. Loved the film in spite of them.

There is a secret agenda at work here (isn’t there always?) as studios try to get theaters to install digital projectors to show 3-D movies. They want all theaters to go digital, so they can send digital prints instead of lugging film cans all over the country.

The recent 3-D propaganda, aimed at the general public and national movie chains, is really a push for digital conversion sooner rather than later. This is all well and good, but it has nothing to do with storytelling or good filmmaking.


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