Def Leppard at CMT Awards. You heard me.

How can this happen? Well, let’s examine a few facts. Mutt Lange, producer/svengali for Shania Twain, did it first with Def Leppard. (Yes, that’s what I said.) I can’t listen to a Def Leppard song without seeing Shania sing it. I swear, the guy didn’t even change a damned thing moving from one genre to another.

Secondly, Def Lep has been collaborating (is that what they call it?) with country stars like Tim McGraw (I think you all know why we hate him) and Taylor Swift. I provide as Exhibit A this performance of Swift fronting for the band and kicking serious ass.

Yes, it’s true, I’d watch a video of her flipping her hair for sixty minutes, but I’m talking about the performance. Every time I see Swift sing live, she sounds awful… except for here. She’s in the wrong business. (Bonus: Redhead fiddle chick.)


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