Boldly they went.

StarTrek_Kelvin_Fight-thumb-330x139-17893I loved it. I really did. All the characters were terrific, and I’m a character-first kind of movie viewer. When the Enterprise shows up like the cavalry firing a bazillion phasers, that was awesome. Yes, we both got choked up at the end when they piled on the nostalgia for the credits. I have to admit that after over 40 years, I still have a soft spot for Star Trek.

However, I am sorry that the Cloverfield monster brought Shaky the Cameraman with him. Here’s a list of 11 things about the flick that made somebody say, “WTF?” Such as:

If you accidentally get sent back 25 more than 150 years in time, it’s better to take revenge on the person who was unable to save your planet than to actually, you know, TRY TO SAVE YOUR PLANET!


3 Responses to Boldly they went.

  1. Girard says:

    Things I would add

    – Too much Back to the Future II alternate 1985-type storytelling

    – Feeling like Kirk isn’t actually heroic, he didn’t figure out anything for himself, he was just directed by future Spock

    – Violation of one of the “time traveling rules”, interacting with yourself AND providing enough information to change the timeline…again.

    – It felt like someone was keeping score for character screen time. “Well, we went over with Sulu’s screen time, give Chekov more lines”

    With that being said, I did very much enjoy the flick.

  2. Jason says:

    See how good they were? It’s a list of 11, not a list of 10 with an “honorable mention.”

  3. Kathy says:

    Good lord, I followed that link and nearly posted a comment getting into an internet slap fight with some idiot who is calling out the differences in the universe caused by the time travel as CANON VIOLATIONS.

    Idiotic as that complaint is, it would have been more idiotic to engage (no pun intended) in internet-based badinage with said mouth-breathing doofus. Thank goodness I came to my senses and decided to stop reading.

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