Most interesting.

090522_ARC_beerTNSlate has a fine article about Dos Equis’ spokesmodel, The Most Interesting Man in the World. They too ask the question, “Why does he act like he doesn’t like beer?” They surmise it’s all counter-advertising, just doing something different. You know, like Spuds Mackenzie, but actually cool and funny. I have to point out this phrase: “older gents who serve as models of masculinity.” That’s right kids, we’re here for you.

But the most interesting man hasn’t actually been conceived as a brand icon—a la Mr. Clean or Ronald McDonald. He’s more like a celebrity endorser. One who happens to be fictional. He doesn’t shill with brio for the simple reason that it would undercut his claim to awesomeness. The most interesting man in the world, by definition, would not be found enthusiastically endorsing a mass-market consumer product.

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