I destroyed humanity.

I had given up on Twitter. But I tried it again when I heard the first Twitter game was available, called Resistance 2018. Based on the upcoming movie Terminator Salvation, it featured short messages with word jumbles to solve like OHJN ROCNNO. After a few weeks of this, I climbed from the fourth squadron to the third one. But I got bored and never made it to John Connor’s Squadron. Even though I decoded his name more than once. So I quit.

Imagine my surprise when 25 minutes into the movie itself, I hear this: “We have found a signal that can deactivate the machines. There are hundreds of operatives decoding parts of the signal, using a distributive processing system like the SETI program. They thought they were playing a word jumble game, but actually they were performing an important service to the Resistance and Humanity. You know, like The Last Starfighter.”

“Unfortunately, one of the operatives let us down. This one quit decoding the messages, and now humanity is doomed. We’re all dead. Do you hear me? WE’RE ALL DEAD!” The camera then shifted to the laptop and it showed the email address of the operative that doomed humanity:


I’m sorry I ruined the movie for everybody, and destroyed humanity in the process. I just got bored with the word jumbles.


One Response to I destroyed humanity.

  1. Jason says:

    It’s OK, Chuck. I’m sure you’ll welcome our new robot overlords.

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