Hey look! It’s Buckaroo Banzai!

adventures_of_buckaroo_banzaiSharp-eyed new reader Rick noticed that, although I posted not one but two videos from the fine 1984 film classic The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, it was not listed on my Top 100 movie list.

Blasphemy! Tragedy! Calamity! Clearly a clerical error caused by a callous member of the IQM staff. Which member having been already sacked today, and the person who hired said member sacked as well. Honestly, here in the staff room, there’s nobody left but me.

After all, I own the DVD, the novel (two versions), and a lovely poster which hangeth in the legendary Media Room, one of the so many rooms we have here in this spacious condominium that sometimes the nickel tour doesn’t even make it that far.

Remember, I’ve seen a metric frakton of movies, many of which you would quail at their mere mention. So it’s quite an honor to be on this list of only 100.

You may wonder what movie slid off the bottom to be No Longer on my Top 100 list. When I tell you, you will gasp as if I had shot a small kitten.

Finding Nemo. I never liked that movie, really. It’s about a father who can’t find his crippled child, and it depresses me terribly.

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