Bayonetta has guns in her shoes.

bayonettaDo I really have to say more? This is like Cherry Darling with no limp. Bayonetta has guns in her shoes. She also attacks enemies with her hair. I feel a sixty-dollar hole in my pocket and it’s wearing librarian glasses.

7 Responses to Bayonetta has guns in her shoes.

  1. Orca says:

    dude fuck u man
    its a beautiful game
    and if ur thinking like that would u wrather have it just another first person shotter
    if ur realy that fuckin sad about wasting $60 then why not go kill ur self u fuckin emo 2 fased son of a fuckin whore

    • AWESOME! says:

      um…wow. please bother to read the post before you reply to the title. by the way, u used the “word” fuckin 3 times in one sentence. kills the shock value. what did mommy say to do if you don’t have anything nice to say?

  2. Shocho says:

    I believe that our last poster does not realize that i agree with him.

  3. AWESOME! says:

    also, yes. $60 deficit here i come! sexy femme fatale, plus guns, plus swords, plus hair is a weapon = gimme.

  4. Ntom says:

    I haven’t played it yet – it’s next in my Gamefly queue. But from what I have heard, it plays well, but the game developers took more time in cinematics – more specifically cinematics that just show off the characters body rather than anything that adds to the story.
    Yes, honestly, I think it is weird…librarian glasses, whip-hair (Gentlemacho anyone?), and for those with a foot-fetish, she also has guns for her heels.

    A paraphrased quote from the creator (who made one of the Devil May Cry) said he wanted to make a spinoff of it, that was better, with a more “sexier” protagonist. In my opinion…Dante was pretty Sexy…don’t think you could be his badass attitude. Stil, I believe if it plays the same as DMC I am sure it will be fun, and in my honest opinion, it seems more games have taken up the idea of “sandbox” since the popularity of both the Grand Theft Auto and Oblivion titles were released. I am sick of the non-linear worlds (though they are fun) that it is great to finally see some good-titled games with a more linear gameplay.
    Another trend I have seen in games recently – not quite as popular as the sandbox gameplay – is the lack of cinematics, instead all of the story happens real time in the game instead of the cutscenes. Fortunately I know this game will overdose on action packed (and softcore porn) cinematics.

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