An open letter to musicians.

We like your music. We play a game that lets us use fake plastic instruments to play along with your music. We know it’s not playing a real instrument.

Sometimes people that know how to play the instrument play the game. Sometimes people who don’t later pick up the instrument and play it for real. These things are not directly related. Furthermore, one does not preclude the other.

Playing an instrument is a full-fledged avocation. It takes money and time. Playing a game is just playing a game. Something fun to do.

Please don’t tell us that we shouldn’t be playing a music game, and that we should be playing real instruments. If we wanted to do that, we would. They are two different things, similar but not directly related.

Tiger Woods doesn’t tell us to put down our game controllers and buy a set of real golf clubs. He knows the game is just a game and not the real thing. Even when a game is a simulation of another game, it’s just a game. We know it’s not the real thing.

Maybe instead of telling us to put down our controllers and play a real instrument, you should put down your real instrument and play a game. Because I don’t think you know what a game really is like.


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