Machete lives!

machete-trejoFrakkin genius and cool guy Robert Rodriguez is really actually truly making a Machete movie!!! You may remember this formerly-hypothetical flick from the Grindhouse trailers (where is my DVD that includes these trailers? Yes, Robert and Quentin, I will buy both movies again, now get to work!). But wowsers, the actors already signed up are full of awesomeness! Again, I state the obvious that I am ready to go sit in the theater TODAY and wait for this flick to show up on the screen. No matter HOW LONG that takes. YOU HAVE FUCKED WITH THE WRONG MEXICAN!!!

Usually Robert Rodriguez is pretty uncreative when he’s casting a movie. “Eh, I’ll just stick my slutty girlfriend in it,” he’s fond of saying.  But Variety recently reported on the actors in line for Machete, which began production this week, and it’s like all my most feverish coma fantasies come true!


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