More Bayonetta.

500x_custom_1250527704299_B3_01She has guns in her shoes. We’ve been over this. Then I hear that she makes attacks with her hair. Now, if you’re an anime fan, you’ve heard of this kind of thing before. Then, I hear that her outfit is made of hair (okay that’s weird, but moving on). Let’s recap:

  1. Her outfit is made of her hair.
  2. She can make attacks with her hair.
  3. What happens to her outfit when she attacks with her hair?

I think you all know where this is going.

At one point in the bits of the game I witnessed, a Sega rep got her to pull off (intentional verb choice, Kotaku readers) one of her super moves. The more aggressively she attacks, the less she wears. So as she fired a big hand made of hair to tangle with the boss, she wound up naked, though covered up by a few strands of her hair-suit that lingered.

What we have here is a fighting game in which combo success is rewarded not with a counter on the screen, not with spatters of blood, but something more tangible. Or less tangible. You know what I mean. Read the latest article here.


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