Let the Utahan win.

imagesRecently, two more “game-related” incidents of violence took place. Curiously, both of them in Utah. First, we have an assailant beating his sleeping friend with a hammer. What caused this? Dungeons & Dragons, of course. Next, we have a stabbing that resulted from a game of… wait for it… Uno. That’s right, somebody slipped “PUNCH TWO” and “STAB” cards into the deck.

Once again, I feel I must remind everyone: A game is just a game. It doesn’t make anybody do anything. It doesn’t make anybody violent. It doesn’t make anybody attack anybody else. A game is just a game.


One Response to Let the Utahan win.

  1. Jason says:

    Until you beat me at it. Then it’s a justifiable motive for homicide.

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