An exercise in painful anticipation.

As those of us who have Top 100 Favorite Movie Lists are fond of saying, “It’s on the list.” I’m talking about Inglourious Basterds, of course. It’s a fantasy (the movie begins with “Once upon a time…”), a war movie, a spaghetti western, and many other things. I can’t wait to see it again.

Most of all, it seems like there are about half a dozen things that happen in this film and each one has about twenty minutes of anticipation, deliciously drawn out as long as humanly possible. Maybe a little longer. They say a good joke is one whose punch line you can see coming, and this movie works that idea over and over.

Somebody once said that Tarantino’s violence was punctuation, not subject. The violence in this movie happens with incredible quickness. It’s like The Wild Bunch reversed. Maybe QT is tired of the langorous, slow motion violence we’ve come to expect from action flicks (I think half of the second Transformers movie is in slow motion), so he kills a dozen people in less than five seconds. Incredible stuff.

One more thing: I’ve already bought the soundtrack. An astonishing eclectic assortment like we’ve come to expect from QT.

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