Your weekly Bayonetta update.

500x_bayonetta_easy_automaticOur favorite hair-wielding librarian WITH GUNS IN HER SHOES has an easy mode! Who doesn’t like a girl with an easy mode!

Evidently you can click something and all those combos that are so hard to do become super easy! Who wants to press 10 buttons when 1 will remove all that obscuring hair?

As a follow-up, one of the developers reports that this feature makes it possible to play the game using only one hand!

Use only only one hand to press the punch button and occasionally pressing kick for Torture Attack events and your other hand to do other things like comb your hair and brush your teeth. Don’t think of Bayonetta as merely an action game, think of it as productivity manager.


4 Responses to Your weekly Bayonetta update.

  1. Bpaul says:

    I almost joked about adolescent boys wanting to play this game with one hand on the last go-round and here we are. My my, they are thinking of our youth aren’t they.

  2. Shocho says:

    You must consider your target market. Which, evidently, includes me, so there you go.

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