Your favorite band.

sunshineWouldn’t it be cool to see your favorite band in a 300-seat venue up close and personal? That’s what I did when Cracker brought their blues roots alt country punk psychobilly rock to the Bluebird Theater in Denver. The band was stripped down to just four guys, no keyboards this time. Garage rock at its very best.

LWC went with me, and that meant a lot, and she also liked the show, which meant even more. Like the exact opposite of the movie Independence Day, the more I think about last night the better it gets. I’ve seen some big bands in big venues but this was my favorite concert ever. Of all time.


One Response to Your favorite band.

  1. Bpaul says:


    I got to see Miles Davis in his last show in the PNW before he kicked the bucket in the same type of venue. Literally 300 or so people, and he had his funk band with it. It was absolutely fantastic.

    Of course he stood with his back to the audience most of the time, but dammit that’s what I paid for! lol


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