The AdSense experiment renewed.

I tried Google AdSense on my blog for a while. You post a sidebar of ads on your blog, and if they get enough hits, Google sends you a check. Step Three = Profit, right? Except that I never got enough hits. Last Thursday, a post on my blog got 1,999 hits. You can see that post here. I’m sure that would be cash money from the Googlespiders, but I’ve long since given up and removed AdSense.

Historically speaking, another of my blog posts gets the most hits; you can see that post here. If you see a pattern emerging from these two high-traffic posts, please let me know so I can maximize the Googledollars.

I blogged about playing around with the context sensitive ads here and here. I’ve applied again and we’ll see if we can have some fun with them. I might actually make some money in the process. I promise to invest that directly into the improvement of my blog. Nah, that’s a lie, I’ll just add it to the Bayonetta fund for January.

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