I saw Baraka.

Baraka is a 97-minute film with no story or plot. At least, that’s what the reviews say. Visually, it is incredibly dazzling. I saw the Blu-Ray version of this 70mm film that was meticulously converted to a digital format. The detail is amazing, with each scene nearly painfully sharp, detailed, and deep.

While the film has supposedly no story or plot, it certainly has an agenda. When I take a single still photograph, I have a point of view and an opinion. Baraka is no exception, and it gets very heavy handed in the second act.

Yes, even though there is “no story or plot,” the film is still constructed like a standard Hollywood screenplay with three acts. I can sum them up easily for you: Nature Good, Man Bad, Religion Salvation.

Still, it’s amazing to watch, and the soundtrack rattled all 5.1 of my speakers in succession. If you can watch it in Blu-Ray on a high quality HDTV, it’s something to see. Thanks to Bruce for loaning this one!

One Response to I saw Baraka.

  1. Dave(id) says:

    I love Baraka, stirs the mind quite nicely. Great photography.

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