Stick it up your jumper.

iamthewalrusGraphically glorious and loaded with juicy factoids, The Beatles: Rock Band is terrific fun so far. LWC rocked out the vocals and we harmonized well on Ticket to Ride and I Feel Fine. The two-part stuff is not too bad, but the three-parters are torturous. I’m pissed that I can sing the Paul parts better than the John parts. Paul’s voice is just so singable. What’s up with the extra words at the end of I Am the Walrus? Oom pah, stick it up your jumper? Layers and layers. I don’t care for the Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows mashup. Both songs are cool to sing and this is just a mess. I wish they had just picked one (preferably the latter). The bar is raised for music games again. I love it!

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