What’s wrong with NFL overtime.

First of all, regular season games should not have overtime. It’s a tie. Live with it. You had 60 minutes to win, and you failed. There’s nothing wrong with a tie in the standings, the rules are fine with that. If there is no regular season overtime, teams will put in more effort to try to win the damned game instead of “playing for overtime” and there will be fewer games that tie at the end of the fourth quarter.

Of course, when you must have a result in the playoffs, a win must be obtained. Play another period. Full fifteen minutes. Don’t flip again to see who gets the ball, just continue. NFL football is a TIMED GAME. It’s not sudden death. Why change the entire concept of how the game is played for an overtime period? It’s ridiculous and unnecessary.

This is just another way that American sports are ruined by the television networks. I’m sure the sudden death overtime rules were the invention of a TV executive anxious to get the game over with.

2 Responses to What’s wrong with NFL overtime.

  1. Bpaul says:

    You totally think too much.


  2. Jason says:

    Actually (and an old fart like you should know this), there didn’t used to be any overtime. So some TV exec more likely thought the game should go longer so they could sell more ads.

    (And my first thought upon reading your post was that your team must have lost in OT. Then I remembered that they typically don’t need OT for 28-0 games :) )

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