People acting badly.

First, in the realm of Politics, we had Joe Wilson hollering out in Congress “You lie!” Expectations: Some applause, some boos. Not hollering out vile accusations. Apology? By phone. Didn’t talk to the President. Has Wilson been contrite since then? Not at all. Punishment? None. Some is needed.

Then, in the realm of Sports, we had Serena Williams yelling obscenities at a line judge. Expectations: Players get upset, throw rackets. Not threatening people doing their jobs. Apology? None. Could have done so right after the match. Not at all contrite in further interviews. Punishment? Light at best so far. If Serena is allowed to play in doubles today, it will be a travesty.

Finally, in the realm of Entertainment, at the VMA awards, young Taylor Swift was interrupted in her acceptance speech by Kanye West who declared Beyonce should have won. Expectations: Let an award winner have her moment and shut up. Beyonce was mortified and Taylor was hysterical in tears backstage. Apology? Could have done so backstage. Used Twitter only. Punishment? Reportedly West was shown the door right after this. Swift is getting a lot of sympathy. Unfortunately, this incident will only make the thug fans of West happier.

What has happened to civility? Why is it now okay to yell whatever you want at whoever you want whenever you want?


4 Responses to People acting badly.

  1. Kathy says:

    Don’t forget the two-faced Tea Baggers holding up signs equating Obama with HITLER and saying we should impeach him because they don’t agree with his political ideology. These are the same hypocritical folks who were so quick to tell people who were opposed to the policies of the previous administration that we still had to respect the office of the President and that he should have a basis of our respect based on the fact that he won (sort of on that first one) the elections.

    These are the people going to the public town hall meetings about health care reform and shouting down our elected legislators and turning the vibe at those things into more “Jerry Springer” than “political debate”.

    So yeah, I’m afraid that as far as I can see, shouting out poorly thought out slogans or emotional invectives whenever we feel the least bit upset seems to be the new order of the day. Sadly. Even arenas that used to pride themselves on being bastions of even-handed, well-meaning debate have given over to a circus atmosphere. I guess everyone’s decided that it’s easier to motivate people by making them angry or afraid than it is to make them think. With thinking, you run the risk that they’ll eventually decide they disagree with you. And we obviously can’t have that.

  2. Kindralas says:

    I don’t know that you can make a statement that they’re all the same people. It’s possible they’re not, though I can understand the assumption.

    People holding up signs and being obnoxious is somewhat par for the course, especially these days where it’s not about how well you argue but how loud. But I offer this: If an audience member at a random other speech by the president had gotten up and shouted that, he’d be detained. If our representatives are supposed to be held to a higher standard, why let him off because he apologized?

    As for the tea baggers, I find them utterly hilarious. If your message is that you’re taxed enough, why do you pay less in taxes than the majority of first world countries? If your message is that the government is ineffectual, then why settle for a government that does less for its people than any other first world country? If your message is that government is spending wastefully, then why are you spending hundreds of dollars on teabags?

    It amazes me sometimes what people view as a good idea.

  3. Bpaul says:

    A blog friend over at Preemptive Karma has covered this lack of civility, through a Henlein quote, and made a great post about it. Scary, but great:

    Thought of it immediately when I read yours.

    Kindralas, your comments on teabaggers are spot on.


  4. Davíd says:

    I’m curious about the different categories of Kanye West fans. You’ve mentioned the thug fans. Would the other be the upstanding citizen fans or is there a more stratified breakdown?

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