Romantic comedies.

imagesI recently realized that like other kinds of entertainment I like, such as blues music and detective stories, romantic comedies have patterns. Like how they always end up with one racing to the airport and the other trying to catch up.

Here are two articles, one written from the male perspective and one written from the female, that explain what we can learn from romantic comedies. Excerpts:

The man she is in love with may very well make a living by burning kittens and selling orphans to a glue factory. Nonetheless she is in love with him and not you, even though you’ve been there for her since high school.

Saying things like “Oh, I’d never date you in a million zillion years” is a surefire way to win his heart. Because there’s nothing men like more than knowing you’re not interested in sleeping with them. The less interested you act, the more excited he gets, because then he gets to change your mind about him.


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