Dan Brown’s worst sentences.

I struggled through the DaVinci Code. The book, that is. I howled and screamed at the bad writing all the way. Looks like I’m not the only reader who thinks Brown is a lousy writer. Excerpt follows, but you should really read all 20 in the article. These things made my head spin.

19. The Da Vinci Code, chapter 83: “The Knights Templar were warriors,” Teabing reminded, the sound of his aluminum crutches echoing in this reverberant space.

“Remind” is a transitive verb – you need to remind someone of something. You can’t just remind. And if the crutches echo, we know the space is reverberant.

I just wish I could write that bad and sell that many books…


4 Responses to Dan Brown’s worst sentences.

  1. gregoryfrye says:

    I heard Salman Rushdie say that, “The DaVinci Code gives bad novels a bad name.”

  2. George Haberberger says:

    I read the article but what was more interesting was the comments about it. Many people supported Brown and thought the writer of the article had a case of sour grapes. I especially liked this comment:

    “I find it sad that people are actually reading a book for in order to tear it apart, vice reading it for the experience. I too am a big fan, in fact I was at the book store picking up my reserved copy of The Lost Symbol during my lunch hour!”

    And of course this:

    “Remind has an intransitive sense in American English.”

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