Here’s my Talk Like a Pirate Day version.

A sea dog says ‘t this way:

I struggled through th’ DaVinci Code. Th’ book, that be. I howled an’ screamed at th’ bad writin’ all th’ way. Looks like I’m nay th’ only reader who thinks Brown be a lousy writer. Excerpt follows, but ye ortin’ ta really read all 20 in th’ article. These things made me hade spin.

19. Th’ Da Vinci Code, chapter 83: “Th’ Knights Templar be warriors,” Teabin’ reminded, th’ sound o’ his aluminum crutches echoin’ in this reverberant space.

“Remind” be a transitive verb – ye need t’ remind someone o’ somethin’. Ye can’t jus’ remind. An’ if th’ crutches echo, we know th’ space be reverberant.

I jus’ wish I could write that bad an’ sell that many books…
Ya swabbie!


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