I can’t fault this logic.

kate-beckinsale-hot-picture-1109-lgEsquire says that Kate Beckinsale is the Sexiest Woman Alive. I like it when she shoots guns in movies.

Men don’t really have any other magazine that counts, so it’s hard for me to disagree with Esquire. Besides, first they rule out all the dead women, so making the choice is simpler.

Why is Kate sexier than Megan Fox? Because 36 is sexier than 23.

Why is Kate sexier than Bayonetta? Because Kate is real. I do know the difference.

I find myself, after some consideration and research and deep thought, in complete agreement.


One Response to I can’t fault this logic.

  1. Bpaul says:

    I think Monica Bellucci takes her.

    Wow, that sentence proved a whole lot more evocative than intended.


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