Bayonetta screenshots and figure update.


Your weekly Bayonetta update includes revealing screenshots (some more than the one I post here, but I like it when you can glimpse the Naughty Bits rather than having them just standing there).

More on the action figure, which is called a “poseable 1/6 scale statue.” Is that a double oxymoron? How can a digital character have a 1/6 scale anything? What the heck is a poseable statue?

If you choose Google Chrome as your browser, you can attach a Bayonetta theme while you browse for more pictures of librarians with guns in their shoes. No, I don’t use Chrome. Yes, I’m downloading it now.


UPDATE: Checked on the PSN store, no Bayonetta. Poked around the internet and found that I needed a Japanese PSN account. Found a video about how to do that (random stuff… random stuff… click next… don’t click that…) and now I’m downloading!


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